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Magento 2

Status: Implemented
by markoshust 1 x Certified on ‎03-18-2015 07:23 PM

Can we have a dedicated Magento 2 section setup someplace? I think that would make sense -- I wasn't sure if it was desired to keep the major versions flat agains the forums though... 

Status: Implemented

Magento 2 forums are here! Let me know any feedback you have on them.


Can we get a Magento-Imagine specific discussion area somewhere on here? One for all Magento events would be *great*, but for now, just getting started with one for Magento Imagine would be nice. 


It would be a good way to let people know about things like #preimagine, it could help people setup ride shares to/from the airport, and otherwise just help the entire community get pumped for Imagine. 



Way to view users

Status: Implemented
by Moderator on ‎03-10-2015 06:36 AM

Will we have a way to view who is online, who is a user?


Will we have a list of moderators?


Status: Implemented
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May have chatbox

by AliceG on ‎06-10-2015 07:56 PM

May forum have chatbox to people be closer and discuss actively Smiley Very Happy 

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Magento community for India

Status: Under Review
by muk_t on ‎06-10-2015 05:28 AM



Can we have a community for the India.There are lot of community users/magento developers from the India.

So that we can have discussions there.



Status: Under Review

If others are interested in a board for India, please upvote this option. If there is enough interest, we'll consider adding it to the International forums.

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Can we PM a user?

Status: Implemented
by seansan on ‎04-01-2015 12:21 AM

For example I am trying to reach "Brent W Peterson"


and would like to attend him (or other editor) to this link


request: Can we add a PM feature to this board?

Status: Implemented
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Easier to find private messaging

by PlacementEdge on ‎03-23-2015 04:24 PM

I wanted to send a private message and it took me a really long time to find the link viewing a members profile.

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Suggestion : Change post pages to one column.

by TheExtensionLab 4 x Certified ‎03-22-2015 02:39 PM - edited ‎03-22-2015 02:41 PM

Chances are there is going to be a fair amount of code posted on this forum. Attempting to read code like: can be hard at the best of times. Since the sidebar doesn't really add much content relavant to the post page I would suggest if possible changing the post page layout to be 1 column

It much easier to read without any drawbacks as far as I can tell.

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forum width seems wierd

Status: Implemented
by edk74 on ‎03-19-2015 12:59 PM

Hi, on my 21" 2006 imac, the width of the forum is very unbalanced. The subject links are very squashed... anyone think the sizing could be improved?

Status: Implemented

This has been significantly increased. If you have further feedback, just let me know.

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I think there should be forum descriptions added to the forum list on at least the homepage. The names are helpful but a description would be much better because some sections are vague, and with a brand new forum, it makes it difficult for authors to start new discussions in fear of posting in the wrong section.


This forum; 'Meta' is a prime example. Can be very confusing as to what should be posted here to begin with. Perhaps this should be added to make things easier, no?

Status: Implemented
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New topics, new posts lists

by MartinTygsen 1 x Certified on ‎03-18-2015 11:20 PM
As any other forum addict I would love if there was some quick lists you could check a couple times a day.

New topics
New posts
Unanswered posts

I know at least the last one can be found through advanced search but for me I would like them as buttons on the overview page.

I love checking through threads to see what other people are struggling with of get some good ideas etc.

But other than that great to see the new forum in action

Ps. Why isn't there a mobile version yet ? Smiley Happy
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additional profile/avatar functionality

Status: Implemented
by markoshust 1 x Certified ‎03-18-2015 09:35 AM - edited ‎03-18-2015 09:35 AM

it would be nice to link a twitter handle, portfolio url, and a magento account to the forum account so we can more easily contact other members. a custom avatar (or gravatar implementation) would be nice so we can personalize our accounts.


another good idea would be to flag if specific members are certified (and perhaps which certification) with small icons next to their avatar (linking back to their main magento account for verification/security). this will also aid the poster in determining if the reply is coming from a trusted source and is credible. it'd be a nice touch that stackoverflow will never implement because it's magento-specific. 

Status: Implemented