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Magento 2

by markoshust 1 x Certified 2 weeks ago

Can we have a dedicated Magento 2 section setup someplace? I think that would make sense -- I wasn't sure if it was desired to keep the major versions flat agains the forums though... 


Can we get a Magento-Imagine specific discussion area somewhere on here? One for all Magento events would be *great*, but for now, just getting started with one for Magento Imagine would be nice. 


It would be a good way to let people know about things like #preimagine, it could help people setup ride shares to/from the airport, and otherwise just help the entire community get pumped for Imagine. 



Will we have a way to view who is online, who is a user?


Will we have a list of moderators?



My first reaction was re-click the button, but nothin happened.

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Hi i need to Style the product-collateral box on product detail page .

can we display the description , additional information tabs without using tab, can we show them all in 2 columns so user no need to click tabs thanks

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I wanted to send a private message and it took me a really long time to find the link viewing a members profile.

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As many of us know, integrating something with Magento is a complicated process and there is a really low documentation. So,

We have our own api and integration framework compatible with Magento to integrate ERP softwares such as SAP. Our api works with directly databases. As i mentioned before, it is complicated and needs to be make more easier with an official framework. Don't mention Magento Soap api please :smileyhappy: It is very slow. 


So, any ideas? Because like us many company makes their own api for integrate somethings with Magento. I think we can talk these processes right here.