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Catalog Product URL error


Catalog Product URL error

I have a multi-storeview backend in Magento 2 back-end and have an issue with my Product URLs.


At one time an URL is clean and working;


And the next time the above URL is a 404, and becomes a dirty, Category path URL;


I have checked/tried several things:

- The option of using Category paths for Product URLs is disabled

- Manually added an URL Rewrite (clean; request | dirty; target). However the URL on the front-end stays the target one, request is redirecting it

- Manually importing an CSV-file with the clean URLs, storeviews and SKUs (this is my best solution so far). However couple of days later it is dirty again, even when I do nothing in the DB/Configuration/server etc.


Is this a Magento 2 bug or can I automatically force those URL Rewrites/URL imports somewhere?