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Add individual product to cart

Add individual product to cart



i want to add an individual product to cart from my product configurator.

The product is like a bundled product but the bundle doesn't exist in store the simple products exists.

There are almost endless configuration possibilities so there is no way to create bundled products in backend.


I want to add all simple products to cart in a product and call it "Your Configuration #XX" for example and if you click "details for your configuration" you can see all elements. Or at least only the individual product without listing all elements.



I'm sending a json string via xhr post to my pricecalculation.php for the configurator. The .php file knows the products, product qty and price. I was trying to add products via API to cart but it's not the same cart you see in frontend. I can do a complete order with api but i dont want to add checkout process to my configurator. It is not possible to add products to cart via api in store frontend right? Or which is the right cartId for the frontend?


So i need to send my json string to checkout/cart/add and edit the add product function of the cart to process my string and use it as product data and do same calculation as in my pricecalculation? What possibilites do i have to add an unknown product to store? Or maybe a way to add all known simple products via php to cart and give the cart a header "your configuration..." in the first row? Best would be if i can add the products to cart from my pricecalculation.php imho.


Haven't done any extension development for magento before and seems quite complicated for me so it would be nice if someone could point me into right direction.