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Base 64 image on Checkout page

Base 64 image on Checkout page



I am a php developer and somehow a beginner on the magento2 plugins.


we have build a carrier plugin for the magento2 stores which work very fine. 

only we want to add a carrier logo in the popup of the checkout. 


but the problem is that if the base64 image is bigger than about 400kb this is not working. 

below that it works fine. 


i have create a variable which holds the 64 base image in a foreach segment. 


then we call in the JSscipt for the view model and in the viemodel we bind it as below. 


<img class="dm-method-carrier-logo" data-bind="attr:{src: 'data&colon;image/png;base64, method.carrier_logo'}">


but somehow the img is not showing in the checkout. 


does somebody has the same problem and a solution 


thanks in advance.