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Best inventory managment extension for ecommerce platform

Best inventory managment extension for ecommerce platform

Hi , I am looking for best inventory management software for my ecommerce business  to assists businesses in organizing and managing the track of stocks . Can anyone suggest me the magento 2 extensions.


Re: Best inventory managment extension for ecommerce platform

Hello @alkesh1016ca95 


If you are not using Magento, please connect with Adobe Cloud by using below link.
Adobe Commerce 

Or if you are already using Magento then kindly refer below link: 


It may help you!
Thank you.

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Re: Best inventory managment extension for ecommerce platform


You can find the inventory management details here.

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Re: Best inventory managment extension for ecommerce platform

Hello alkesh1016ca95,


Inventory management is the process of monitoring and organizing inventory for online retail, from sourcing to shipping. This Inventory management process is efficient, cost-effective, and accurate.


Here is the list of best Inventory management plugins for your eCommerce store.


  1. ATUM
  2. Z Inventory Manager
  3. Smart Manager
  4. WP Inventory Manager


ATUM Inventory Management for eCommerce:


ATUM is a free inventory management extension that keeps track of changes in your store regarding no. of products, prices, etc. The extension has more than 10,000 active installs and a user rating of 5/5, making it one of the most suitable inventory management extensions.



  • Compatible by WPML
  • Advanced search with auto-filled feature
  • Support for eCommerce variable products
  • Bulk product actions
  • Inventory PDF export/import


Z Inventory Manager:


Z Inventory Manager is another free eCommerce inventory management plugin. It is a light and feasible solution to automate stock inventory and make it more efficient. As a result, you can organize your sales, purchase orders, and shipments easily and quickly.



  • Ship and track sales
  • Monitor inventory
  • Lightweight
  • Real-time inventory management


Smart Manager Inventory management:


This inventory management plugin lets us manage and bulk edit eCommerce products, variations, orders, and coupons with a single click of a button. It also allows you to control your store’s stock level from an Excel-like spreadsheet, which saves your time and makes the entire process much easier.



  • Infinite scrolling
  • Advanced search
  • Sticky header for easier data management
  • Image preview
  • Export CSV for all post types


WP Inventory Manager:


WP Inventory Manager is a new inventory management plugin with only 1000 plus active installs on the WordPress repository. It is used to manage bulk items in your store, change their stock levels pricing, and add variation pricing in a single click.



  • Advanced user control
  • Advanced inventory manager
  • Advanced search
  • Bulk item manager
  • Reserve cart

I hope the above information helps you to find the best Inventory management extensions.


Rex M

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