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Custom Product Type which extends Grouped Product Type

Custom Product Type which extends Grouped Product Type



I am trying to add a new Product Type which extends the Grouped Product Type. I am doing this because I need all the functionality that a Grouped Product has. The problem I face is that since I configured my new Product Type and I can see it on the back end, it has all the tabs that a simple product has. Although I extend the Grouped Product Type, in the back end I cannot see the tabs that the Grouped Product has in the "Add Product" section. Any guidance would be helpful. Thank you in advance.




Re: Custom Product Type which extends Grouped Product Type

Are you reffering to the Associated producst tab? If so this is added via XML with a handle that is specific to that product type. You will need to add a similar update for your product type in your own admin layout xml file



        <reference name="product_tabs">
            <action method="addTab"><name>super</name><block>adminhtml/catalog_product_edit_tab_super_group</block></action>

If your trying to copy grouped pretty much exactly using the grouped handle as an update like below may work best:


<update handle="adminhtml_catalog_product_grouped"/>



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