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Custom module for Magento

Custom module for Magento


Hope the post isn't a bit out of place. I was faced with the problem of writing a module for Magento 2 and 1 and this is my first project on this platform. Can anyone help me get over the topic? I have some programming experience. Mainly PHP, JS, SASS and stuff.

My first question is how to start? Lots of "Hello World" on the net, but I don't know if, starting with this, my module will not wake up later with a hand in the potty, because I didn't understand something at the beginning. Basically, the module must be able to set up under the admin, but it also interferes with the view of the store user. In the product card, in the basket, in the purchase. Just such an extra service. And under the admin, I must be able to connect to a specific product or the entire category of this service. It is about the installation of the purchased goods. Of course, I am going to bind products with an additionally purchased installation (there are different variants) in the database - product_id -> installation variants additionally, category_id-> variants, and somehow I have to bind it in the order, and in the payment, probably as just another element of the order.
So I am starting so I do not have abundanceSmiley Happy So if someone helps me in a friendly manner, I will be grateful and in the future I will try to help you on this forum.

And one more thing. I have different Magento installs. But I don't know which one to use for work and which for testing. I also understand the differences in Magento 1 and Magento 2. But I would like to start with the two first.

Sorry for my bad English

Thank you in advance and best regards