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Extension submission - Code quality issues not reproducable

Extension submission - Code quality issues not reproducable

For the last view months we've been trying to get our extension to the marketplace. While the whole process sounds pretty straight forward, we get constantly rejected from review. This is due to the fact that none of the tools provided by Magento helped us track down the reported issues. Now after months of blindly fixing things and re-submitting our extension we've reached a dead end. The latest reported issue just makes no sense because of the listed reasons below:

  1. The affected code parts (which is actually just one line) is correct.
  2. I set up an environment identical to Magento's test environment (CentOS 7, PHP 7, Magento 2.1.9) but wasn't able to get any error messages (installs and compiles successfully).
  3.  The extension can be installed, compiled and used as intended.

I guess we've reached a point where an actual human being has to take care of this. Just sending us generic error reports doesn't help us anymore, since we can't fix issues which apparently don't even exist.

Excuse me for not attaching the latest error report. I tried to download it multiple times but all I'm getting is the report from May not the recent one.