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Extension to expose new SOAP API endpoint

Extension to expose new SOAP API endpoint

Hello, I'm integrating Magento with a Ruby application and I'm using the XML-RPC API, but I'm facing an issue which I could only solve modifying Magento API code.


The thing is, I want to list the ProductAttribute but I need the "label" field comes along with the results

The default API response does not include the 'label' field, which I need:

  0 =>
      'attribute_id' => string '71' (length=2)
      'code' => string 'name' (length=4)
      'type' => string 'text' (length=4)
      'required' => string '1' (length=1)
      'scope' => string 'store' (length=5)


This solves my problem


But I need to integrate with multiple Magento stores, so I'm wondering if I can build a Magento extension to expose a new API Endpoint that returns all the information I need or if there any other solution




Re: Extension to expose new SOAP API endpoint

You should be able to accomplish this by delcaring the store_id. This will ensure that you are only accessing the stores you want

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