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Failing Varnish Test on Marketplace

Failing Varnish Test on Marketplace

I am trying to submit an extention to the market place and have hit a Varnish Error


I have no idea what it means or where the problem is. I have tested and retested my code and everything is working.


Please can someone explain the errors I have recieved and what i can do about them?


marketplace errormarketplace error


Any asstistance will be greatly appreciated.




Re: Failing Varnish Test on Marketplace

Hello @ryanblanch5dba 


Greetings for the day!


Here is the link from Magento DevDocs which explains your problem in detail for varnish test.

Have a look once at:


Accept as the solution if you get the right path!


All the best!


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Re: Failing Varnish Test on Marketplace

The varnish errors you are getting, mean two things that are as follows:

  • Unable to fetch the response from Magento
  • There is an issue on the Magento side.

Please read the article mentioned above to get a complete understanding.