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Free Extension to Paid Extension

Free Extension to Paid Extension



This question is about upgrading an extension to latest  Magento version and resubmit it as a paid component.


We have built an extension that works with customer credit. Currently we are offering a free version of it which is compatible upto version 1.8.1. Going further we are now planning to upgrade it to version 1.9


  1. How long it takes to upgrade an extension to version 1.9 and how to resubmit it as a paid component ?
  2. What it takes to make an extension a Paid version ?
  3. How is the payment processed while purchasing an extension ?
  4. How the pricing is decided for a paid extension ?
  5. Is it advisable to go from free to paid version ?





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Re: Free Extension to Paid Extension

Hi @Vikram Purohit, sorry this was mijssed before but to answer your questions:


  1. The length of time it takes to upgrade an extension to the latest version of Magento is pretty dependent on which version you're upgrading it from and how customized your extension is so this one is a bit difficult to answer.
  2. To submit it as a paid extension, you'll need to change the extension price from free to your price in Connect and then after that you can provide the version package.
  3. Currently you cannot purchase extensions directly from Connect. Right now if someone is looking at a paid extension on connect, they will be redirected to the extension provider's website based on the purchase link you provide.
  4. When you're thinking about pricing, you'll want to think about how much time you spent creating it and the value for merchants. Also be sure to review and analyze any similar extensions to see what the competitive rate is for that functionality.
  5. Whether you go from a free extension to a paid extension is entirely up to you and your business model.

Hope this helps!


Community Manager, Magento
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