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HELP PLS - facebook plugin

HELP PLS - facebook plugin

I need help to change the account associated with LIKE and SHARE buttons on my site but cant find the code. it seems that the like button is pulling an image from instagram previous linked account after connecting to facebook - not fromn the new associated account for which i generated the new app_id (i changed this bit of code - to change the app_id for facebook) to reflect the new website connected to this

js.src="// XXXXXXXXXX&version=v2.5”;


and i changed the code for the image profile to display correctly 

<img class="fbthumb" src="//">


but still the Like and Share are wrong - can someone help? Sitegorund hosting the site cannot find the plugin and the developer who has developed my site does not want to tell me where it is.  Can someone have an idea where in the filing system the correct plugin  could have been written? i guess they are using SDK or graph - not sure - i searched thousands of lines of code and nothing there. a friend tld em he thinks it's pulling  a post from facebook page when you click on like/share but i dont think so. in the link there is an image pulled from instagram (when i inspect elements on the site) and the share button pulls an image form the image filing system but i dont understand how it can have the image it has if that image is not part fo the website anymore.