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How to use variable in extension


How to use variable in extension

Hello @all,


I am Christian from Germany and I just created my first modules. They are working separetely in the backend as previewed, but now I don't know how to go further.


With my first module (Manufacturer) I create Manufacturers with several informations. The primary key is "manucaturer_id". The table name is "manufacturer_entity"


With my second module (ManufacturerProducts) I create products that I want to relate to the manufactures. Therefore, I have the field "manufacturer_id" in my product table "manufacturer_products_entity".


What I want to do:

When I choose the manufacturer in the backend, I want that the related products are displayed.

I think that I have to edit the collection.php of my ManufacturerProducts-Module?!


But unfortunately, I dont know what to do.


I know, that this is a basic knowledge, but I need your help.


Greetings from Germany