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Magebig Ajax infinite scroll not working

Magebig Ajax infinite scroll not working

Magebig Ajax infinite scroll is not working in the latest package of extension. The package is working fine in the 2.3 magento version . Now we have updated to magento 2.4.2 ., the ajax infinite scroll in product page sometimes shows duplicate products to be clear ...It repeats the first set of products while clicking the "Load more" button it doesn't consider it as a second page while clicking the button.


Re: Magebig Ajax infinite scroll not working

You can use this extension for Infinite scroll, Infinite Scroll is an amazing feature that utilizes AJAX to automatically load new products in the list when shoppers scroll to the bottom. No more reloading and no more interruptions, shoppers only need to scroll to view the next set of products. It improves usability of the website and provides smooth shopping experience to shoppers.

  • Auto loading of the pages
  • Combines with 'Load More' button feature as well
  • Page Info/Back to top button
  • Smooth browsing experiences

The following link Magento 2 Infinite Scroll would be useful.