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Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

Magento 2 Size Chart Extension empowers you to add and remove customizable product size chats. You can unlimited charts as per product’s size, so the user gets the best fit item. Moreover, you can either add size chart as a pop up or a tab, it’s up to your ease and choice. Using this Magento size chart extension you can add data by yourself or you can import it from any other channel in a CSV file. Magento 2 size charts are helpful as they result in reduction of product returns by elaborating proper sizes.  Increase sales and conversions by removing the misunderstanding about the sizing that is among the core hurdles of purchases.


Key Features

  •  Add and remove multiple customizable size charts

  • Upload image or data to the chart or simply import it in CSV file
  • You can personalize font size, font color, and background color of the size chart
  • Add chart as a pop up or a tab, as per your choice
  • Define conditions for enabling and disabling of size chart for any specific product

More Details and Demo on - Magento 2 Size Chart



1 size chart in tab.png



3 add multiple size charts.png



4 size chart settings.png


6 size chart styling.png





Re: Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

Yes, this is a useful module for Magento 2 store. Size Chart Magento 2 extension helps customers to choose the correct size of products such as clothes, shoes, jewellry, etc.


This module comes is very simple and unique. Using this extension you will able to create unique chart size with image from the admin and each size chart can be assigned to product separately. The size chart can be displayed on store product pages either in popup or on page. That will create best shopping environment for your shoppers, and they will definitely enjoy shopping in your Magento 2 store.


Visit here to know more: Size Chart Magento 2 Extensionsizechart-magento-2-extension


Key Features:

  • Fully Customizable Interface
  • Unlimited Size Charts
  • Support Fancy box
  • Customized Size charts
  • Create Visually Attractive Content
  • Size chart Display Option
  • Supported Image Formats
  • Custom Icon With Text
  • Increase Store Credibility
  • Rich Configurable Options


Re: Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

Magento 2 Size Chart by Meetanshi allows admin to offer customers the size charts for apparels, shoes, etc. that helps select the correct size and enhance the shopping experience.



Taking into consideration the improvement of the shopping experience is the priority of Magento 2 store owner. Easier it is for the customers to find and choose the required product, more the conversion! Hence, Meetanshi has developed Magento 2 Size Chart extension.


The Magento 2 Size Guide enables admin to create a unique and custom size chart for each product. It facilitates customers to decide the correct size of the wearable products. Add the size guide in the popup, product page or the product tab.


Add unlimited size options in the guide! Use HTML editor to customize the design of the size chart and popup!


Reduce the returns of clothes, shoes, etc. products with Magento 2 Size Chart extension. Improve the on-site shopping experience and boost the conversions!


Benefits of Size Chart for Magento 2:

  • Offer size chart in Magento 2 store for easier online apparel shopping.
  • Size charts can be assigned to products using the size chart attribute from the product edit page.
  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to add custom size chart. Also, use the extension to add image, video, text or any type of HTML content to show under the size chart popup.
  • Assign the priority for multiple size charts added to a product.
  • Offer attractive size guides for all the products in the store.
  • Customize the text, text color, background, and border color of the size chart button display
  • Display the size chart icon along with the text in the size chart button
  • The “Manage Size Charts” grid enlists all the created and saved size charts. Use the “Add New Size Chart” button to add a new size chart.
  • Customized names of the size chart for easy recognization
  • Display size charts based on store views
  • Display the size charts on the basis of product attributes and its combination
  • Offers responsive popup to display the size chart
  • Option for the users to close the size chart popup using the close button.
  • Enhanced customer experience.

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Magento 2 Size Chart Extension

Hello there,


Keeping in mind that a Size Chart module allows you to display customizable pop-up tables on the product page. The size chart is necessary for apparel and footwear products, I would like to recommend you the given extension- Size Chart for Magento 2


This extension is equipped with features that would fulfill your requirements.


Thanks and Regards!