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Magento API Mulit Currency

Magento API Mulit Currency



I am currently integrating Magento to 3rd party software using the API and i want to clarify the fields to use to grab the currency. We are using the order_currency_code field at the moment and this gets what I see as the order currency. However another site we are implementing says they have set the site up to show euros but take the payment in GBP and so really the order is in GBP and thus should be processed as GBP even though the order_currency_code is saying EUR. Looking through the XML export there is also base_currency_code (and global_currency but I assume this is for the site as a whole so will ignore), now what is the correct field to use, base or order as I would assume order?


Second question is there a way of setting the site where the order is euros but the payment is GBP, I assume this is down to your payment methods? 


Now this could be a setup issue, but I tried on my test system simulating when I would want to take the order in Euros (think I set it up properly) and the order_currency is the only field that holds it, base is still base.

Your help / clarification would be much appreciated.

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