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Magento issues Pricing format for Microsoft CSPs

Magento issues Pricing format for Microsoft CSPs

Context – We are an Infrastructure transformation company, rendering solutions for across Datacenter, Network, Security and Cloud businesses. We are a Microsoft Azure CSP (cloud service provider) to most partners and enterprisers in the US and EU, currently using Magento 2.1 for Order creation to Invoicing and billing. We are currently working on automating this process end-end.


Challenge – Unable to import prices beyond 4 decimal points.


Use Case – In the process of importing Microsoft product catalog for Azure into ours (Magento 2 ), the prices on this catalog are per minute costs hence with decimal points up to 13 digits. These catalogs are public and are the same for every MS CSPs for Azure, they are updated by MS on a monthly basis and come to us through an API that takes care of inclusions/exclusions/changes etc.. made to the last updated catalog.  




If supporting this from the frontend will take more time, can we support this from the backend for the purpose of invoicing and billing them right immediately?

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