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Making More Easier With Integrations

Making More Easier With Integrations



As many of us know, integrating something with Magento is a complicated process and there is a really low documentation. So,

We have our own api and integration framework compatible with Magento to integrate ERP softwares such as SAP. Our api works with directly databases. As i mentioned before, it is complicated and needs to be make more easier with an official framework. Don't mention Magento Soap api please Smiley Happy It is very slow. 


So, any ideas? Because like us many company makes their own api for integrate somethings with Magento. I think we can talk these processes right here.


Re: Making More Easier With Integrations

Hi solemtech,


The team at Cloutex can integrate Salesforce with Magento. We can customize the setup and sync the data both ways. If you requires this please contact us at


Kind regards,