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'Marketing review' status after new version

'Marketing review' status after new version

My plugin (paynl/magento2-plugin) already passed the marketing review.


After the review was successful, i uploaded a new version, after which the plugin had to go for marketing review again.

Problem is, as long as the version is in review, nobody can update the plugin to the latest version.


When i started the review process, that was some months ago, so i'd like the marketplace users to be able install the latest version of the plugin.


In the future i'd like the users to at least be able to update the plugin as quickly as possible after i upload it.


Is this normal? I also havent received any response, where in the time the plugin was not on the marketplace, i usually got a response in 2-3 days.


Re: 'Marketing review' status after new version

Hello all,


With every new version submitted the marketing content is also checked along with the code. This is how we uphold quality throughout the entire review to store process. Once the extension passes the marketing review the first time (if the material has not greatly changed) the second review is quicker. We are currently working on improving our time for technical reviews as we fully understand and prioritize wanting to get the most up to date versions in the store as quick as possible.


You receive automated updates with every status change (rejection, corrections needed, approval) of the extension. If you would like an intermittent status update (i.e. my extension is still in marketing review, whats going on?) please contact us at and we will be happy to let you know.


As mentioned, please contact us at for the quickest response to Marketplace needs. Thanks!

Re: 'Marketing review' status after new version



I have the same problem with my extensions.


They don't understand what my extension do. An important extension is not approved for months.


Also I have received very unprofessional emails from Maura Cyrus.


If your extension cannot pass Marketing Review for a month or longer You should know that she is the one who rejects your extension without any detailed (useful) explanation.


Also if you receive very unprofessional emails from You should know that she is the one who answer questions related to Marketing Review.



Does anyone know an email or phone number where I can leave a review about how Maura Cyrus work or give a feedback?