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Payment method vs Checkout - basic understanding

Payment method vs Checkout - basic understanding

Hi, I am new to all of this and have some basic questions...


As I understand it most merchants uses Magento-built-in (default) or 3:rd party extensions to get their shop up and running. An extension can be in the form of a payment method. A payment method could be used together with a full checkout extension like the default out-of-the-box Magento Checkout, or StreamCheckout, FireCheckout, OneStepCheckout etc..


Question 1 - If I wanted to reach out to as many e-commerce-sites as possible with my unique payment solution, is it a good approach to first get the payment-method extension in place, to be used in existing checkouts like the ones mentioned above? They should be able to handle new payment methods in a plug-and-play manner right? The idea is that the payment method should be used as the "only" payment method (with merchant approval) and take up the full width of the page...


Question 2 - The second step (if needed to reach more merchants) would be to offer a very slimmed down, MVP checkout extension only built to handle the specific payment method... What would need to be included in a checkout extension and is not offered out-of-the-box in Magento or as 3:rd party extensions? Cart? Discount Codes? Shipping? My expectation would be that these are built in to Magento and that there is an API to listen to events and communicate with Magento through and thereby notifying other extensions.


Thanks in advance/Jeppen