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Search form or custom product search ring builder

Search form or custom product search ring builder

I am not sure what name to call a "ring builder" like this:  


I know what is doing: showing the products according to the things we select. but how is it called? is a search , is it a form?

I need to make one of this or find an extension that do it. but I have no idea were to start or how to do it. The manufacturer is providing a feed to the products in json or xml 

and say I need to add this to magento:


AngularJS widget


(function(d, w) {
    function observeAddToCart() {
        jQuery(w).on('ds.addtocart', function(event, data) {
                //This is the API to where to POST the data to.
                url: '/api/add_to_inventory_and_add_to_cart',
                type: 'POST',
                data: data
            }).done(function(res) {
                //On success of the API call
                w.location = '/success';
            }).fail(function(res) {
                //On fail of the API call
    if (d.addEventListener) {
        d.addEventListener('ds.ready', function() {
        }, false);
    } else if (d.attachEvent) {
        d.documentElement.attachEvent('onpropertychange', function(event) {
            if (event.propertyName === 'ds.ready')
}(document, window));



Re: Search form or custom product search ring builder

Hi, the link you shared does not work anymore. However, there are lots of terms for what you described. Some of the currently most widely spread:  

  • Product selector
  • Product finder
  • Product advisor
  • Quiz-based product filter

Instead of writing custom code you can use some solutions out there. For instance, Zuvoo allows you to create an interactive product finder or shopping assistant without programming skills. You can easily integrate them into your Magento site copy-pasting a few lines of JS or HTML code. The best thing: it’s free for up to 2,000 starts of the product finder per month.


Here’s an example of a jewelry product finder built with Zuvoo:


You can see more examples here: Hope this helps!