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Xtento Order Export Profile XSL Template help

Xtento Order Export Profile XSL Template help

We are using Magento Community Edition and have XTENTO extention installed.  When orders are placed before 12:00PM the Order Date exports correctly, but for orders placed after 12:00PM the Order Date is the next day.  There seems to be a PHP statement in the Template and I don't know anything about PHP.


<xsl:value-of select="$sepstart" /><xsl:value-of select="php:functionString('strftime', '%m/%d/%Y', ../../created_at_timestamp)"/><xsl:value-of select="$sepend" />


Does anyone see anything in this line that would cause such a thing?


Thanks for any help.


Re: Xtento Order Export Profile XSL Template help


Under general configuration for XTENTO extension there is a couple yes/no options:


Only change the below settings if instructed by a XTENTO representative. These are fixes/patches that can be enabled, which are required only in SOME Magento environments.


Enable:  Don't adjust timestamp timezone  (Yes/No)

If enabled, any timestamps (seconds since 1970) output by our export extensions will not be adjusted by the stores timezone, and will be output in UTC instead.


Enable:  Zend_Date GMT Offset  (Yes/No)

Some Zend_Date versions always return a positive $gmtOffset. This can lead to wrong date/times being shown/exported.


They both fix the problem so I will just leave the first one set to yes.

Re: Xtento Order Export Profile XSL Template help

If you have the problem described in the first post you will usually want to enable ONLY the "Zend_Date GMT Offset" fix. Not the other one, and never both at the same time.