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"Hello World" in order details extension

"Hello World" in order details extension

Hi all,

I'm totally new to magento and I need to develope a simple extension in "order view" page.

I just need to output a box with some html code retriving information form the DB, like: shipping name, address, payment method, total amount etc. (I will than use that data with an external software for shipping labels).


Is there an example extension working in that page? I've found many  samples in the frontend or much more complex samples on the backend, while I need just this simple thing.


Thanks a lot!



Re: "Hello World" in order details extension


You'll need a few things to get going with this extension - I don't know how experienced you are with the various parts of magento so I'll list the steps you'll need to take..


  • Create your module and ensure it registers within the admin area under System > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced
  • Add a frontend layout file to your module that references the layout handle used on the order view page.
  • Inside the reference add a block (that you will also need to create) and a template (again that you also need to create)
  • Inside the block that you created add your logic to get the information you require from the order. To help with this - it might be better to extend another sales order view block.
  • Output the values in the template referencing the methods in your block.

I understand thats a lot to take in and I realise it doesnt go into any specifics of 'add this code here, add this code there' - if you need further help - feel free to post and we can point you in the right direction.


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Re: "Hello World" in order details extension


but unfortunately I'm totally new to magento.

I hoped  to find a similar module that will add some content to the order-view and to work on that filese for change the content.

For another CMS I found a module that added a barcode print option and I oepned that file to modofy it and changed the output.


It is a "one time" extension for magento: I developed a software for shipping items with couriers and I need to connect it with as much CMS as possible, but studing each CMS for the single module is quite problematic, expecially because the software has a very low price and the module is given for free...