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404 error on product pages only

404 error on product pages only

Magento CE 1.8.0


Suddenly, we are getting 404 errors on all our product pages (no changes to code were made that we know of.)


If I clear local browser cache, I can one product page.  If I then go to another product page, 404 error returns.


Host has mentioned that none of our product pages are in the CMS section and that might be the problem.  However, our product pages have never been in the CMS section for the 3 years the site has been active.


Is this a server cache issue?


Our site:





Re: 404 error on product pages only

TheEventSource.  Had a site where this suddenly happened as well. 


Do you know what the issue was that caused it for you?  


We have already been down a few paths with no luck.



Re: 404 error on product pages only

Hi @TheEventSource,


Looks like you have fixed the issue, when browsing your site ?

Could you please provide the solution (if any), this might help @robertlaw.


@robertlaw - could you provide additional information regarding your site ( URL, Magento version, etc.)



-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen / @KentChrDK / Magento Certified Solution Specialist / Visit my site (DK)

Re: 404 error on product pages only



Thanks for the quick reply.  We did figure out the issue.  


The site host is Siteground and they had a "Siteground Supercacher" plugin installed that has been sunsetted (real word?).  Unfortunately, this was causing it to reference a cached version that no longer existed.  


Thanks again. Hope this helps someone in the future.


Take care.



Re: 404 error on product pages only



I having the same issue. I found this article and when I disable Siteground_SuperCacher.xml extension all the things working perfectly.


Great article.


Specially Thanks to robertlaw