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A configurator for sport routines

A configurator for sport routines



I'm guessing if I can use Magento or a Magento extension for this use case:

1. I'm a sport trainer and I have to provide my athletes a tool where they can assemble their sport routine

2. the routine is based on some mandatory exercises which have to put together (like part of a product) choosing them from different groups (families)

3. each exercise has a score 

4. based on his/her category the athlete has to combine more exercise to have a total score from a minimum and a maximum defined by rules


I.e. you are a amateur athlete and you have to combine 5 exercises choosing them from 5 different families which can have score from 0.1 to 0.3 and the total score cannot be less of 0.5 and more then 1.5

of if you are a professional athlete you have to combine 10 exercise from 5 different families and you have to choose them from the exercises with score from 0.5 to 1.0 and your total score cannot be more then 10 and less of 5


Any ideas?