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A script that delete import product images.

A script that delete import product images.


I am new in Magento. Last week i had an issue with the disk space of the site.It keeps growng up, because from import are comming lot of images. for example: we have the image A123.jpg, when import is done , i notice that i have two copies of the same image like: A123_1.jpg and A123_1_1.jpg. Does anyone here has any idea, what kind of script should i add on cron file?

Thank you in advance 

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Re: A script that delete import product images.

Magento by default adds _1 and this way re-names your current image name if the image with exactly the same name already exists at your FTP. This happens because Magento requires unique image names, even if you use the same image for a few products, so mind that before uploading.

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