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Abandoned Cart Report

Abandoned Cart Report

Does the abandon cart report only capture data from registered users (vs guest carts)? The report is not displaying any data in that report but the store does not have registered users (only guest checkouts) so I was wondering if that is the issue.  


Re: Abandoned Cart Report



It only shows registered reports. In fact where any customers names are mentioned in a Magento report in will only show registered customers. 




Re: Abandoned Cart Report

Hi srodgers,

Abandoned Cart feature on magento only work with user registered. If you want to send email reminder customer when they abandoned cart on your site, you can use our free abandoned cart reminder extension ( ). This extension currenlty has not suppor the feature report. However, we maybe update this feature in the future. 


Also, our One Step Checkout extension support the feature abandoned cart reminder. You can refer this extension on the link:


Hope this helps

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Re: Abandoned Cart Report

Hi @srodgers,


The main purpose of an Abandoned cart is to remind people about their incomplete order, irrespective of the registered user or guest user. 

The Abandoned Cart extension helps you to have a report having registered and guest customers, in which you can analyze the converted abandoned cart and work accordingly.

You can take a look at Demo of the extension.



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