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Add Tracking information into shipping email? URGENT

Add Tracking information into shipping email? URGENT

Version Enterprise


When I look at a completed order, under "Shipping & Handling Information",there is a link to "Track Order".  When I click it a pop up emerges with the tracking number / carrier.


I would like this information in my shipping email.  I have looked at every page on the interweb about this and cannot find a difinite and simple answer.  I do not want to buy an extention since this information is obviously there.


When I go into "Transactional Emails" and select the "Sipment Update" template, there is no "tracking info" type Variable to insert after I click the "Insert Variable" button.


Can anyone shed light on this who has successfully done this or truly knows how to?






Re: Add Tracking information into shipping email? URGENT

Hi Mike!


I think our plugin could be usefull in your case. Instead of shipment information straight on your email Packpin plugin will add a simple button and by clicking that button your customers would be redirected back to your Magento store to track their items. And you can even cross sell your customers using the Packpin cross selling functionality.


You can read more about our plugin on and you can download our plugin on Magento connect.


If you have any questions - don't hesitate to ask! Either here or at

Re: Add Tracking information into shipping email? URGENT

Hi Packpin,

A few questions about your module.  


1) I do a daily import of tracking numbers into Magento using the Xtento extension if I were to use your service would I just indicate your carriers instead of the standard UPS like I do now?


2) How do you handle customers who used the guest checkout features


3) Are you able to discuss here what the service costs, I assume its a monthly subscription since its SaaS


Thanks a bunch! 

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