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Add a Column to Catalog Product management

Add a Column to Catalog Product management

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot.


I'll explain so theres no confusion

and because I am totally lost...swimming without waterwings.

Please be patient with me.


When managing the Product Catalog for our store,

I click on Catalog-Manage Products to get to the stock list.




On the Manage Products page, I see a number of columns related to the stock inventory.

Things like Name, Type, Sku, Price, etc (indicated by the arrows on the image).

The list is generally arranged with the last stock entry at the top.

I can search stock by typing in a key word.

I can also use any of the columns to group things in a different order.

This is handy, say, if i am looking for items that are not "enabled" in the inventory.




Anyway, I would like to add another column.


I sometimes have a need to search for stock from a specific manufacturer.

If there was a manufacturer column, would I be able to do that?

Search for or group by manufacturer name?


How do I add a new column or change an existing column?

(For example, we do not use the Qty column...all inventory has a fixed unlimited amount, represented by 1000)




Re: Add a Column to Catalog Product management


By default in Magento it is not possible to choose what columns to add to grid, but if you are developer or at least know here to paste a piece of code the following links may be useful for you:

In case you do not have special tech skills, there is extension as an alternative, so if you are interested, let me know.

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