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Adding Support Services to products

Adding Support Services to products

I have some general questions on the proper way to set up products. We want to be able to add support services (tech support) to some products. Right now we are adding them via Custom Options which works fine. But now we want to run a campaign where certain customers, after they login, would be able to use a coupon or just see 20% off just those services. The key is having the discount on the Custom Options and not the main product they are buying. Does that make sense? Can that be done? Do I have the initial set up correct or should I be using Attributes to accomplish this?


Thank you - Tom


Re: Adding Support Services to products

Hi Tom,


You may want to consider an extension like, which can allow you to adjust pricing for specific "customer group / tier". In that way, you could set a special price so that specific groups of customers would automatically get their 20% off.


Alternatively, you might consider a Magento 2 extension that will allow you to create discounts that apply specifically to Custom Options, such as


Best of luck!

Re: Adding Support Services to products

Will the Custom Options Discount work with Magento 2 Enterprise? I noticed it specifies Open Source (CE).


Thanks for your help.

Re: Adding Support Services to products

The MageWorx extension appears to have been approved for Magento Commerce:


The extension from Scommerce Mage Ltd is a bit more of a grey area. As you pointed out, on the Magento Marketplace, it hasn't been approved for Magento Commerce. That may be because the developer didn't choose to invest their time into this additional testing for Magento Commerce or it could be for other reasons. On Scommerce's own website, this extension is listed as compatible with Magento Commerce:


I don't personally know the Scommerce Mage team. The good news is that the Open Source (Community Edition) version of the extension passed technical review with the Magento Marketplace team, but beyond that, it's a leap of faith. You might just want to reach out to their team for additional guidance. It's not unfair to ask why the extension says it's compatible on their site, but not on the Magento Marketplace. Maybe they can prioritize pushing it through review for you.