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Adding a filter to Orders

Adding a filter to Orders

Is there a way to add a column to the "orders" page under the sales tab? We would like to be able to filter the customer orders by their location (state).  Thank you!


Re: Adding a filter to Orders



Yes this is possible, but you have to build a custom module which will extend the magento default functionality for that issue.




Re: Adding a filter to Orders

Hi @cupolasdirect


I think this extension should help you

It will make the grid more informative.


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Re: Adding a filter to Orders

Yes, sure. You can add more or custom order grid by add on plugin or magento extension. Maybe consider about some good provider: Magecheckout, AheadWork, Amasty...

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Re: Adding a filter to Orders

Without custmisation or additional extensions default Magento can't do this - Luckily I would say the best extension to allow you to do this is FREE - it will do what you want nicely and also allow you to customise all the other grids (or or can just leave them as is if you prefer.)

Once installed to get the state column you will need go to the orders grid select Grid Customization > More options > Custom columns > select state and hit apply.

You will then have a state column as below - sadly (for me atleast) this is option and sometimes a text so it's not a dropdown filter but rather a text filter but it does still work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 22.03.28.png

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