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Adding many product options


Adding many product options



Sorry very new to Magento and all the searching I have done seems to bring me around to the same solution which is unachievable.


I have a product that has multiple options (size 1-4), colour 1 (17 options) colour 2 (17 options) and then main colour (7 options)

The way I am reading this is I have to add a product for every possible combinations which seems crazy? 


Is there a method for achieving this on a product that is customised in this way?


Re: Adding many product options



Products variations/selections available at one and the same products page is possible to get in Magento in 2 ways -   custom options or configurable products.

Check here the comparison of them -


Custom options are easier to create, but using them you will not be able to track stock for variations of colors and sizes.


If you choose Configurable products, you will have to create all the unique combinations of options you have. Basing on your example (size 1-4), colour 1 (17 options) colour 2 (17 options) and then main colour (7 options) it will be more than 8 thousand products.


If you need to track stock and decide to use Configurable, you might be interested in the tool that allows to generate all those variations instead of creating them manually. You can do it using Store Manager for Magento application. It is paid, if you need it once or a few times, with 14-day fully-functional trial you can perform the task (you can download it from my signature).

Here is the article with video tutorial that demonstrates generation of associated to Configurable products in 2 clicks -


Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.