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Addthis plugin in magento redirection

Addthis plugin in magento redirection

Hi and Good day to everyone.

I've been practicing magento for over a month now and I hate to say that I'm finding it rather difficult to understand but I'm getting some it as of now.

My question is, in the addthis plugin which i recently added to the site I'm creating (practicing site), when I click the icon produced by addthis plugin I get redirected let's say to facebook to share what ive been doing. But before redirecting it to facebook, I notice that it also pass thru which I think also collects information I'm passing to facebook.

My question is, is there any possible way to remove that redirection to and directly redirect to facebook and where can I find the code which does this?

Thank you so much for the answer you will provide. More power.


Re: Addthis plugin in magento redirection

Hi @rflorentino


For your requirement you need to debug the extension. Start from the frontend files. Identify which function is called on that click which passes the data to and remove that data so it doesn't pass any data.

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Re: Addthis plugin in magento redirection

I would be surprised if it is possible.


Services like AddThis need to pass you through them to collect information about what you share.