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Angular Client with Magento Server?

Angular Client with Magento Server?


I am trying to find out the best solution for a new application.


This application will be built on Magento CE 1.9.2.

Due to the front end design which requires lot's of elements such as complex and fluid checkout., no loading times / page refreshes (or minimal amount). i have decided to use AngularJs.


Regarding various issues such as performance, security, maintainability and anything else does any one recommend the best route for this?


I can carry on and build the magento App the stock way and integrate angular for various aspects but the whole site will still be run from Jquery at best and rely still on php requests for most of the UI / UX.


What would the benefits be to develop a angular / html5 client that simply calls the Magento API ( ideally rest) to perform all the user actions when a user shops ./ buys, then use magento backend for the site administration and configuration etc.


Any thoughts please feel free as i am a good angular and php developer but limited experience in combining with magento.



Re: Angular Client with Magento Server?

Please share if you got the solution !!