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Associate custom store fields with product

Associate custom store fields with product

I want to make sure I'm looking at this the right way / all of this is possible.  What I'm trying to do is:


1.) Add a set of custom logo images to each store (I think I've got this figured out).

2.) On each configurable product, enable / disable which logos are available.

3.) On product page, let user select logo.

4.) Pass logo information along in purchase record.


For part 1, I think I've got this sorted out and am just working on the implementation.  This will let each web store in a multi-store setup, have some number of logo image fields associated with it.  Each store is also its own website, if that helps.


Part 2 is where I'm a bit stuck - Using the scope selector, I'd like to show options to enable / disable logos for the configurable product in the admin backend.  A full example would be :


Store A has logos 1,2,3.  Store B has logos 4,5,6.

On the product page, If scope is set to Store A, it shows 3 fields (logos 1,2,3) each with a checkbox next to them to disable / enable them.  If you change scope to store B, it shows the entirely different set of logo options (4,5,6) and their enabled/disabled property.


I think I can figure out the image / boolean property part just fine, but what I'm not sure on is how to make sure those values are customizable at the right scope level.


For part 3, again I think I have that figured out as at that point I have the product and the webstore, so I can get get a list of enabled logo options to show.


For part 4 - what is the best way to pass this custom information (could be as simple as text) along with the checkout information for that product?



Re: Associate custom store fields with product

Oh - also, is it possible to limit this to just the configurable product?  I don't need any of this for the simple products its comprised of (unless that's required to show that information on the product page).  I'd like to have what is set for a configurable product be the same for all the simple product's its comprised of.