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B2B solutions when selling services?

B2B solutions when selling services?

I am looking for a system to get my business a bit more organized and think Magento MIGHT be the solution I am looking for. 


Unfortunately, I am not a programmer so I need to ask the community if I can even set up Magento for my business.


I sell services to customers (no physical products) and the work is done by subcontractors. That means the work that has to be done would not be sold over the website itsself, but each job or "product" sold would have to be created by me or one of my workers.


The Subcontractors then should be able to login and see what jobs are available and then accept the job and do it. Afterwards they would then send me an invoice for the work done.


There are a couple more things relevant, but that would be the general idea of what I would need.


Is this possible even with some modifications?