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Barcode for each product size


Barcode for each product size

Hi I'm new to Magento and I sell products from suppliers who use separate barcodes for different sizes of the same product, but the same SKU.


So example .....


T-Shirt Dino Design SKU - 55576

- Medium Barcode 475843773883, QTY in stock 12

- Large Barcode 37291090999, QTY in stock 3


Is there a way of setting this up in Magento 2 as this means that we would have different quantities of stock for each barcode.


We'd only want the customer to see one configurable product on the main site.


Many thanks for any help provided! Smiley Happy



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Re: Barcode for each product size

Hi @tyscott,


That's basically the default behavior of Configurable products on Magento.

I've found this post:


Also, this is the documentation for Magento1, but the idea is similar on Magento 2:


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Re: Barcode for each product size

Fab thanks for the info, after playing around I can see that this will work great!