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Base price in Magento

Base price in Magento

Base price involve the distinction between two options type :

  • Options whose price impact base price :

The option's price is added to product's price and impact base price because the option directly impact the product itself.

  • Options whose price don't impact base price :

The option's price is added to final product's price but like a supplement of something else, it doesn't impact base price.

So, is it possible to implement those functions in Magento ?


       - Base price based on existing price attributes (considering tier price, group price..)

       - Base price per unit ( no matter the unit...L, gr, Kg, width, height)

       - Base price per weight unit using existent weight attribute

       - Setting for Custom option value : impact base price : Yes / No


This implement to display informations on product view page


       - base price per (weight or any unit)

       - option value reload base price if Yes


And retrieve corresponding base price in cart view.


Re: Base price in Magento

I am also looking same thing.


I want that product price should get calculate on basis on weight option,


suppose i select 10 Kg from weight option dropdown then product price should be 10 * base price = final  price


Any solution, How we can do this?