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Bundled Products for Wholesale Pre-Packs

Bundled Products for Wholesale Pre-Packs

I have one main Site and 2 seperat store views on their own domains


We are a clothing company and each item comes in different sizes and colors.

I already know I can create A configurable product like

SKU:  "M-1673"    and Child Products Like..

SKU:  "M-1673-BLK-S"

SKU:  "M-1673-BLK-M"

SKU:  "M-1673-BLK-L"   ETC ETC


But for for our wholesale site, I wanted to create a bundle The bundle would contain 6 simple items:

They can choose between:

A Pack: 1 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large and 1 XL


B Pack: 1 Medium, 2 Large, 2 XL, 1 2XL


The also need to be able to choose a color - Each pre-pack can only be 1 color


Re: Bundled Products for Wholesale Pre-Packs

Hi @pilihpm,


You said you're using a main site with 2 store views.

How are you using the store views here? 1 for general customer and the other for wholesalers?

Re: Bundled Products for Wholesale Pre-Packs

I have got the same task to do... There will be 1 store only 


Product 1 is available in 2 different variations, that each have their own quantity. The content of those variants is the same, however, the each item in A has different quantities than items in B. 

Re: Bundled Products for Wholesale Pre-Packs


I know this is an old thread, but I don't see much related info online. 

Did you ever figure out how to structure the prepack product? My company wholesale clothing which is very similar to yours.


Prepack of product A has multiple sizes: S-M-L-XL
each pack has 1-2-2-1


Prepack of product B also has multiple sizes: S-M-L

each pack has 2-2-2


The prepack size and qty can be different for different SKU. If you have any ideas, could you please advise? Thanks.