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Buy Product A, B & C and get 25%

Buy Product A, B & C and get 25%

Hi I'm trying to get this promotion created. Buy A,B & C and get 25% OFF. I have the Condition set-up as If ALL of these conditions are TRUE : If total quantity equals or greater than 3 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions: SKU is one of A,B,C

Under Actions Apply Percent of product price discounts Discount Amount 25

for some reason it wouldn't work. Any idea how i can get this working? Thanks!

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Re: Buy Product A, B & C and get 25%

Check the following settings:

- price rule status (active)

- date (should be not expired)

- after saving clear cache and reindex.

There is also tutorial with more cases to check -


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