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Can I do this with Magento?

Can I do this with Magento?


I have never worked with magento before, just played around with a local installation for the last couple of days. I have technical background and can comfortably code in PHP if needed.


I currently sell wholesale - all sales offline at the moment. All records are kept in Excel spreadsheets. I now want to start selling via following channels:

- online on my B2B website
- offline via phone orders etc (currently already do this, as above)
- online on a separate B2C website
- online marketplaces like ebay, amazon, facebook etc.

The Problem

I want to minimise admin work and centralise all data including product information, inventory information, orders, customer records etc.

Proposed solution

I think magento is my answer. The main reason for choosing magento is that it allows multi-site so I can run both B2B and B2C e-commerce websites from the same platform so half the battle is already won. But it's just as important to centralise data from other sales channels - with that in mind I can see it working as follows.

Data flow scenarios:

  1. Magento will hold the product listings. The product listings will be PUSHED to market places e.g. ebay, amazon etc on adhoc bases.
  2. Magento will PULL orders from market places periodically (once a day?). Magento will then use this data to:
    1. Create/update customer records held on Magento.
    2. Update product inventory records held on Magento and PUSH these back to market places.
    3. PUSH necessary information to courier systems for delivery label generation.
    4. PUSH financial data to external accounting system (might just be a massive CSV file for now).
  3. Any online orders from the B2B ecommerce website and the B2C ecommerce website will automatically be created in Magento and manageable through the Magento admin panel.
  4. Any offline B2B and B2C sales can be manually created in Magento through it's admin panel.


  1. What do you think of this solution for my requirements?
  2. Have I missed anything important?
  3. Is scenario no.1 and scenario no.2 above achievable with magento out of the box.



Re: Can I do this with Magento?

@unstoppable I don't find anything which not possible to achieve into Magento. Mostly, all features are common and so many sites used as well, plus plugins should also be available and if not then possible developed. 


Hope this helps you!

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Re: Can I do this with Magento?

Hi - thanks for your reply. Do you know how much of what I want to achieve is possible with Magento "out of the box" without having to buy extensions? I have a budget and want to know how much I will have to spend in money and effort to get it all working. Also I prefer not to be tied into any monthly/yearly charges. I am using community version of magento. Thanks.

Re: Can I do this with Magento?

I'm building a B2B site on Magento 2 CE and you should be aware it does not have any B2B standard functionality. No Approval Queue, no filling of backorders, no budgeting etc. If you need any of these features you will have to purchase extensions or code it yourself..

Re: Can I do this with Magento?

Hi cci1 - I would love to share some ideas with you as we are in a similar situation. I have sent you a PM Smiley Happy