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Can Magento 2 be trusted now?

Can Magento 2 be trusted now?

Hoping someone can give me an update on how Magento 2 is performing these days. I was using mid last year, but had to ditch it as it was just too buggy and each release seemed to just totally mess up our stores. Our clients got pissed, and we had to go back to 1.9


Anyway, how are the newer releases? Is this ok for a live store now? Is it looking more stable? Do we still have issues with configurable products? Overwritten .htaccess files? How are the updates via the admin interface?


Thank you!


Re: Can Magento 2 be trusted now?

Hi @dereka,


Yes, in the early stage Magento 2 was not a wise choice to use as there weren't lot of help or extensions available but today it's quite stable now. There are many tutorials, extensions, themes are now available now.

Recently, we have launched many websites of our clients migrating them to Magento 2 from Magento 1 or other technologies and we didn't face any major issue we couldn't fix.


There are many stores are not running on Magento 2 and getting launched every day!

The recent Magento 2.2.2 was the best release yet and it's awesome. Take a look.


So I suggest going for Magento 2 now.



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