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Can Magento Help Create A Marketplace Like Alibaba

Can Magento Help Create A Marketplace Like Alibaba



I was quite eager to know if Magento can provide solution to achieve a marketplace like alibaba for B2B E-Commerce.


Few things I would like to know...


1. Can a Magento based multi vendor platform handle 10 million products assuming related hardware is optimised for it. If yes, what would be the hardware architecture and configuration needed.

2. How many concurrent transaction can Magento handle at any given point in time.

3. How many concurrent users can be logged into the system.

4. What is the maximum vendors, Magento based platform can handle without hassle assuming around 30% active and 10% very active at any given point of time.

5. What methods can be deployed to have a mock test, load test and stress test for such requirements.

6. What platform can offer a response time of less than half second across functions.


Waiting for the response, your reply will be much appreciated and in Addition if at all Magento cant provide these, please help with alternative practices to achieve aforesaid functionalities. 


Re: Can Magento Help Create A Marketplace Like Alibaba

Hi @allan_m,


I guess you can't use just 1 platform to try to build something as big as Alibaba or Amazon.

You're talking about business with a lot of years of work and a los of systems working togheter.

Maybe you should try to know which systems you will need and how those systems could need to work and "talk" in order to imagine a business of that kind (and size).


(my 2 cents)

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