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Can Magento Paginate the Product Options?

Can Magento Paginate the Product Options?

I'm currently attempting to extend the way Mageworx' Advanced Custom Product Options displays the product options on the product view page. The goal is to separate the options into steps (IE. Color, Size, Artwork) with each of them appearing on their own 'tab' with the 'Add To Cart' button being replaced with a 'Next Step' button until the end is reached.


Currently, I have set up Simple Products to be linked to Configurable Product, and selecting the Simple Product routes the user to the Configurable Product with the Custom Option Selected, the issue is that I am unsure how to make the additional Custom Options appear on separate 'tabs' with the pagination option.


I would like to achieve something similar to what is seen below.


Example 1.



Example 2.



I'm relatively new to working with Magento, and am trying to find the best methodology of attacking this problem. I theorized that I could just split the Divs which have class 'option' up and paginate those with jQuery, but that seems a bit 'hacky' to me. Any help, or a shove in the right direction would be a huge help.