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Can Magento Update Inventory Counts...

Can Magento Update Inventory Counts...

Okay, let's preface this with "I am a newb".  Okay now that is out of the way, here is my question.


I have a distributor that supplies me with a .csv file.  I exported my Magento inventory to a .csv, used the suppliers .csv data and created a master spreadsheet, that I re-upload to Magento.  It works great.  I have done this weekly for the last 4 weeks. My items get updated.  But I just realized that I now have 4 images of every image in my inventory.  I assume that every time I have uploaded my master spreadsheet, with a link to the image, I have inadvertently added a new image.

My question.  If I create a .csv that ONLY has the SKU and Total QTY available columns, will that be a better alternative to uploaded a FULL spreadsheet with SKUs, names, short and long descriptions, image locations an all the other stuff.  Or am I missing something?


Or as another alternative, is there some extension that will make my life easier.


Thanks in advance for any assistance. 


Re: Can Magento Update Inventory Counts...

Never mind, I found the answer I was looking for.