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Can Magento bulk import related products?


Can Magento bulk import related products?

We have a "you might also like" functionality on the product page but at the moment it is done manual.

Is there a way that the Magento enterprise can do a bulk upload, when you upload the product you can specify the related products?

It would make life alot easier!

Thanks Smiley Happy 


Re: Can Magento bulk import related products?

first, yes this can be done with Magento's Dataflow without the use of any extension.

Second, I would recommend taking one product, adding some related products to it in the Magento Admin, saving the product then exporting to CSV (System -> Import/Export -> Export).

You will notice two columns; _links_related_sku and _links_related_position

You will need to fill in those columns with the appropriate SKU. Please remember that each related product will need to be entered in a separate row (see screenshot).

This can be also done for cross-sells and upsells.

Re: Can Magento bulk import related products?

Great! that works - thank you! 

Re: Can Magento bulk import related products?



I have some doubts about this... hope the community can help me!


When I do the test and I export the CSV, products that have more than one related product (up to 4) dont appear in the spreadsheet, just one does it. Moreover, there are no additional columns to search for them. 


Do I have to create new columns for each related product? If a certain product already have a related product and I live it empty when importing the CSV... will that remove the previous related product? And the last one, do I need to import back all the information (columns) from the product or just create a CSV with the columns I would like to edit?


I apologise for so many questions but we have a database with more than 4000 products and I do not want to mess it up...


Thank you very much,



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