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Can Magento do the following?


Can Magento do the following?

I am looking into Magento platform to interact with Netsuite and just wondering if Magento can do the following, build an ecommerce website which sells to retail and wholesale. When a user logs into the website it will determine if that user is retail or wholesale. From there it will pick up which categories and products to display for the different users along with navigation. 


If wholesale logs in they will see more menus within the navigation or a different layout to the retail login. 

Also pages will not be accessible for retailers but only to wholesalers.

Wholesalers will also have a calendar showcasing up coming training and allow them to register for an event and add to checkout.

Accounts can pay via eWay or be a 12 day account.

This will only be available to Australia customers and shipping will be based off their postcode / state.

Coupons / Discount to be applied to a product or a category and all products to be discounted.

Different prices for retail and wholesale.


Wondering if the features above are available for magento?


Thank you



Re: Can Magento do the following?

Hi @eskiv1

It's possible to implement in Magento the things you've described. But you will need additional extensions as out of the box Magento doesn't have those options.

You can create 2 customer groups for retailers and wholesalers.

This extension will let you control which categories and products can be accessed by each group . However, the extension doesn't change site navigation.

Alternatively, you can create separate store views and configure them according to your needs. This will be simpler if you need separate prices, products, navigation, etc. for your wholesale and retail customers.

For shipping restrictions by postcode and state, you can use this extension

For advanced promotion rules, check out this mod


Hope that helps!


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Re: Can Magento do the following?

Thanks @Amasty for your reply.


Will investigate the extensions you mentioned and start playing around with my magento installation.



Re: Can Magento do the following?

Ohh and one more question, does anyone out in Magento world recommend a certain connector to go with, connection Magento and NetSuite?

Re: Can Magento do the following?

Yes it is possible by using extension, You can set the permission level for different customer groups like retailers, wholesalers etc.  You can restrict specific products, categories, CMS page. You can also redirect the customers to a different page if they try to access restricted product or category page.


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