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Can Magento do this

Can Magento do this

I sell online SaaS and all my billings are subscriptions. I am currently shopping around for a cart + add-ons, but here's what I need to achieve:


1. Ability to integrate with Stripe

2. Ability to automatically populate the cart from my main website, via some ajax/api calls


3a. Ability to automatically create a custom recurring plan in Stripe based on the contents of the shopping cart and assign this custom plan to the customer

3b. If 3a is not possible, can Magento handle the recurring subscription and only trigger a charge via Stripe at the proper intervals 


4. Ability to have a minimum amount to charge per month. For example, I sell products A & B for 1$ and 2$/month. If someone wants to purchase 1 product A ( 1$/month ), the cart should automatically give him only the option to pay yearly, aka 12$/year. It automatically figure out what payment period to offer, based on that minimum charge of 10$.


Is all of this possible in Magento with add-ons or do I need custom programming ?