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Can magento 1.9. import gallery?


Can magento 1.9. import gallery?


Im new using Magento.

Im creating a site using Magento with 2000 + products.

Every product has its own gallery and so on..
The .csv file is from K2 extension which is done for Joomla sites.

The main question is:
How can i import galleries to Magento?
Googleled it and found that it needs separate row for each picture?( Most of galleries has 4-5 pictures)
That's not real and really time consuming in my opinion.

So im searching better(not costing) solutions.






Re: Can magento 1.9. import gallery?

Magento can import images to gallery.

Not exactly all the images should be in separate columns. Here is example.

If you upload let's say 5 images for 1 product, in your file you need to place image name with leading slash (/image_name.jpg) in _media_image column (each line for each image) e.g:

This are images to one product with SKU

If you import images just to gallery you will get them here -



But as you can see, none of images are added as main product image.


In Magento main products image is called base and it is sown at product page, small image will be shown at category view and thumbnail (in related products etc)


So to make some or one of your images to be shown as small, base and thumbnail you need to have separate columns and there put image names too


So you can make one and the same image as small, base nad thumbnail or different images.

Hope this helps. 

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